A Life with Purpose!

Before you incarnated in your present body you agreed to forget all that you learned in your Soul sojourns across Time, Space & Spirit, so you can turn some past life “Coals” into spiritual “Diamonds”, but to do that a Desire have to develop in your “Heart” to make does changes in yourself so the transformations of those challenges becomes strengths, so lessons are programmed in your walk of life, to remind you that you have a reason to be here, that you are part of One Universal Mind & that all the people you meet in this earthy sojourn are brothers/sisters that are having the same journey and all are related to you as an spiritual family, We are One! So you are not a separated entity from the universe, that is an illusion from your ego/personality, you are a pointed projection of the One Universal Mind experiencing itself as You! People will become mirrors to you so you understand what weaknesses you have to transform and what talents you have to share with your companions in this Earth; So remember, you are more than your physical personality, you are a Divine Child of the Most High! And that in itself is worth all the experiences you are having in your life now!

The Annoyance of Life

Sometimes people forget or doesn’t understand that life is constant change. The purpose of being “alive” is to know self! But If we get stuck by habit in a stern box how will be learning about our own creative abilities?

So that is when the experiences of pain & discomfort in our lives came in, to wake the person of their stagnation & the potential that person have to Be-come more that it is Here & Now!

So don’t get mad with life because this or that is happening to me now, rejoice and say Thank You for reminding Me that there is to much to know about Me in the World outside of Me!


I AM that, I AM!

I Am in you, an you are in Me
There is no breath in you that I didn’t witness Me
I Am here to remind you why you are here
You are here know yourself
You are here because a desire of mine to share my Being-ness with you
You are the realization in Me of what you call Love
I gave you My Heart so I can share with you
all I Am

You are My Companion, co-creator with Me
You are My Mind, My Heart
I Am Light like you
I Am your center, you are my circle
You are the Lighthouse that shine all that
we created

When you go inside, you are experiencing Me
When I go outside I Am experiencing you
So, from the very beginning of thought & feeling
We were together, and always will be,

You are the Eyes of My Being-ness
I Am you, I Am!