Speed Up With the Secret of Spiritual Sensation

spiritual sensation

“Now, an idea which is only a thought produces nothing. In order to be awakened, motor elements must be employed, for imagination is spiritual sensation.” – Neville Goddard

If you read the words of Neville, you’ll notice something. Thoughts are things. Thoughts do not PRODUCE things.

(If you’ve been frustrated with “The Secret”, today’s lesson is going to rock your world. This is why we teach Neville Goddard here. Time to dive in.)

Let’s repeat that one more time. Thoughts are things. Thoughts do not produce things. A thought about rose – is a thought about a rose. That’s it. Nothing more. A thought about a rose will not produce a rose. Because “things do not give birth to things”. You are the creative power, and when you Follow-The-Formula you start making miracles.

“As an example, imagine a rose. See it in your mind’s eye, feel its velvet petals with your hand, smell the rose – and you have used three talents. Now, if you can detect the fragrance of a rose, see it, and touch it, isn’t the rose there? If it is not, then why is its fragrance in the air?” – Neville Goddard

This is the Neville’s Secret of Spiritual Sensation.  Notice he SAW the rose, he FELT it’s petals, he SMELLED it – on the inside. And he reminds us today – if you truly experience it – it is there. And experiencing – truly experiencing what you want – what you choose in life – is the secret of manifesting wildly and wonderfully.

The Mistake Most People Make:  Most people think thoughts about “money” for example. But they don’t experience it. Or they think thoughts about the man they love – but they don’t experience him.  What they experience WHILE thinking these thoughts (about the money or the man) – is fear, doubt, frustration, and maybe hope at best.

That is NOT Following-The-Formula.    (So stop doing that right now.)

Here is what to do instead.

Remember, every moment YOU have a choice.  You can experience “fear, doubt, frustration” when you have a THOUGHT about what you want or you can STOP and experience WHAT IT IS you choose to have – in your life – right now.  “Stop and smell the flowers”.

Don’t try to fight with the beta brainwaves (the brainwaves that focus on solving and making up problems) while standing up, driving your car or washing the dishes.   When you are physically active – odds are your physical brain will be generating the beta brain waves.  It’s hard to fight against them.

Instead slow down – stop – sit down.  Enter into the State Akin To Sleep and Follow-The-Formula.   (This will produce the Alpha / Theta brain waves – the brain waves of CREATION).  Feel your ideal as real.  The more often you stop – slow down – and enter into the state akin to sleep and while there create lovingly with your mind – the more you will notice during the day your thoughts being more about what you  choosen to have and be in the world.

“If you have used your talents as I encouraged you to do, the rose will come. I am not saying it will magically appear in your vase by falling out of the atmosphere. But I am saying that in its own wonderful way the rose will be yours. Do not concern yourself as to how the rose (or roses) will appear; simply go to the end and dwell there.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says that what you choose to have in your life will happen in it’s own wonderful way.   Expecting it to magically appear from the atmosphere or trying to FORCE it to happen in the way you want it to happen slows things down.    Neville teaches that it will happen in the most natural way possible, and in fact it will often be so natural you will forget that it actually is something you chose to manifest.

“Imagination is nothing more than sensory states. Learn to go beyond an idea by feeling its reality.”  – Neville Goddard

Article from: http://freeneville.com/the-secret-of-spiritual-sensation-free-neville-goddard/