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That weariness of soul and emotions!


“The greatest enemy of service is that detachment that comes from constant discouragement, that weariness of soul and emotions that causes you to think, “What’s the use? What does it all mean?” When you wonder what it means, turn to those things that comfort and heal you. And we would have some suggestions there, for there are some sturdy friends that you have, not just in spirit, but in the world around you. Your greatest companion, the one who loves you without stint, lies directly out your window. Mother Earth, the world of nature, first and second density, loves you without stint and knows no other way to be. For [first and second density] are not behind the veil as are you. They are aware of the Creator and the oneness of all things and they dance with all things including you. When there is despair and discouragement lurking within you, cast yourself upon the bosom of Mother Earth. She can take all the negativity that you feel and she can heal it by her sanity and her perspective.”
-The Daily Q’uote

All experience is a blessing and happens for a reason…


It has been said that the greatest souls awaken through suffering. Suffering is not always a curse. Darkness shows us aspects of ourselves that need work, which may not have been exposed to us if the Universe had not sent this suffering in the first place. The greatest prayer you could make would to not ask the Source or God or the Universe to take the suffering away from you, but to instead have faith that everything that happens in your life is only happening to stimulate your spiritual evolution. Thank the Universe for sending you that suffering to help you grow and evolve, both spiritually and emotionally. All experience is a blessing and happens for a reason, so don’t be afraid to feel it and learn from it what it has to show you about yourself.

Divine Imagination

Persist and the world will respond. You will get the money needed to live there. The world does not cause, it only responds to your imaginal acts, for only God acts and God is in you as your own wonderful human imagination. Now, before you judge it, try it. If you do, you cannot fail, and when you prove imagination in the testing, share the good news with your brothers. Tell everyone you meet how the world works. You do not have to have a proper educational or social background to apply this principle; and you cannot fail, for an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact.

-Neville Goddard